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Logistics Brings Sustainability to Concert Tours

Video Highlights

  • Partnering with UPS, Live Nation has reduced their carbon footprint to zero on direct to consumer ticket shipments.
  • UPS is helping Live Nation lower their carbon emissions while raising the volume on eco-friendly practices.

Logistics Benefits Live Nation and the Planet

Before Live Nation Entertainment can bring music to the world, they need to bring just about everything else along with them. Fortunately, they have a logistics partner like UPS. Whether it's rock legends touring multiple cities, or up-and-coming bands playing across town, UPS handles everything from delivering tickets and merchandise to transporting sound, stage and lighting equipment.

And while Live Nation leaves millions of fans with memories, UPS is helping to make sure the events they produce leave less of a footprint. In fact, we've helped implement environmentally sustainable logistics solutions across much of their operations.

What's more, many of Live Nation's leading performers have also joined the movement, agreeing to have their equipment transported in an eco-friendly way.

When you consider that Live Nation is one of the world's largest live entertainment companies and produces nearly 20,000 annual events, the environmental benefits are significant. Together, we've helped them save more than 300,000 sheets of paper annually, preserving treasured forestland. Add to that, almost 3,800 metric tons in carbon offsets, equating to CO2 emissions from over 425,000 gallons of gasoline. And from a business standpoint, our customized solutions enable Live Nation to choose shipping methods that meet their time and budget constraints.

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